'Having sex with the boss over Christmas could get you a step up on the corporate ladder, according to a new report. "

The Metro  <- read it here

go on have a read...pass it know you want to really......yes i am looking at you ~stares~

*this post is brought to you from work and a request to get this posted please do post it about i'm counting on you lot...and no i am not thinking of having sex with my boss thank you very much, that would be a big no and would probably get me the sack not a juicy promotion....  unless you count Sable as he technically is my direct  boss but that ain't getting me a *coughs~  ner

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**thinks** of her line manager and her director then thinks nah you are ok happy where i am!!!!

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my thoughts exactly!!!and "i know" it wont get me a promotion more likely the sack however if i got dawn too....well now that would be a different story ~lol~

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Niether my boss nor his boss are my type at all, so I'm firmly joining y'all in the "no" camp on this one...

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What an odd way to spin 'two thirds regretted doing it'!

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But I don't have a boss :(

Mind you my last boss was pretty shagable, so maybe it's as well I don't so I can't be tempted

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my boss is 74... I doubt he'll get it up *g*


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