work commissioned this..

is this not completely dire.....i really really sometimes ponder disowning work...can you disown work?

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Oh dear.

I used to feel bad about helping to put a site up for a company that provided loans to women wanting cosmetic surgery (90% of which was elective breast enhancement). Now I don't feel so alone in my dirty place. :)

Darth Hello Kitty is...speechless.

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I laughed at how utterly awful it was. Now it's over, I want to punch myself in the face several times.

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argh attacked whilst kettle was on for my first coffee of the day...unfair!!

that is.....somebody stealing all the coffee, nails on blackboards wrong..infact nails running down a blackboard is more melodic.

wonder how much she got paid for that? cos it certainly was not enough..being forced to sing when you can't in an apparent diner with no customers and no coffee in sight poor woman.

Ummnn think I maybe in need of huge mug of coffee and a brain clean.

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With that dress and badly-faked background, it really should have been 50s rock'n'roll, not a latin number.

I'm not going to start on the cringeworthy lyrics or the elevator music, it's too early

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I think I can see what they were trying to achieve, the "innocent small town prom-queen sings about not so innocent things".

If that was intended as a tv-advert it would be prime material for a nomination for Tarrant on Tv though :D

I shall add that song to the list of ones that I find myself randomly humming through the day, like the "lime in the coconut" by the Muppet Show.

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That makes me want to ram the vibrator down her throat.