This week has been bad..

Monday on the way home i had a call from Dawn saying Dave had a drink and kicked off and the police has been called, cue 102 mph down the M1 to get home asap, we arrived to see him walking down the street near home, shouting and raging like mad man in the street, we drove right past and headed home where two nice police officers were talking to a upset dawn outside, the children were in the bedroom with Domonic looking after them.

Mid conversation Dave appeared shouting threats (anyone who has been to our house has seen the drive knows its quite long) the police walked down to meet him and try and calm him, he continued to shout and scream and the such.......he calmed to a extent and they said they would take him to a friends, but he needed the loo, once he got in the house to use the loo escorted by said officers he kicked off, where they cuffed him and dragged him out the whole time with him shouting he was going to come and kill us all....we stood back and watched them drive off with him.

about a hour or so later he was a the front door, screaming and trying to kick it in, we called 999 straight away but by the time they got there he had run off (he knows enough to know police response time and when to get out of there, they looked around said they would start patrolling the area and left..he gain come back and tried to kick down the back glass doors, police were called and by the time they got there he had left, by this time dawn was in pieces as she knew he was coming for i got her out to Abi's for the night and we locked the house and waited, luckily he didn't come back again.

Morning came after not much sleep and we got the children ready and took them to school early so we could speak to the school 8:30 when we usually leave he knocks on the door and starts being polite to Dom, who refuses to let him in.....Dom hands him things through the letter box, but point blank refuses to let him step one foot in the house...he kicks off threatens to kill Dom, trys to kick the door in...Dom calls police Dave leaves....

I explain to the school what is going on and if he is seen do not approach just call the police leave a photo and go to work to get the day off......picking Dawn up en route....

9:30 we get a call from the school , Dave has just been there asking who brought the kids in, who was picking them up...the school call the police he leaves, at the point we are driving home and go home to make plans and escape routes if he comes back.....the night before had been somewhat akin to a horror movie for all of us, and we didn't want to go through it again, while we are making plans we get another call he had gone back to the school and the Police were called and the kids were taken out of school by them to the Police station for their own safety...cue panic.....if he was at the school where was he now kind of panic....we get everyone out, deposit, Dom, Milly and Thomas (off school sick) at a cafe out of the way for lunch and out of the way'ness and Dawn and I go to the police station to collect the kids, they take us in to a office and the Domestic Violence team come and talk through our options, because he went t the school its being taken very seriously... they give us 3 options we go for the panic button and police escort at the school......we need to stay together, putting Dawn in a safe house is not a option as she wants to stay...

We get the button installed and try and relax at home...and he hasn't been seen since, we don't know where he is or what he is doing, in someways this is worse, its a constant wait....we know he will be back, its not in his nature to give up......we know someone has been in the garden over night.......the gates are opened and we are making sure they are all shut ......

for those that have seen his irrational behavior know how bad he can be.....this is worse...much worse than he has been

to say though he is never coming back in the house again, and Dawn is getting a divorce...we want him out of our life for good!!!

this obviously has a bearing on this weekend..its my birthday party....we have decided to continue with the party, as we don't want him to ruin our life anymore, and figure with the amount of people going to be there he would be stupid to even show up and in Darren's words " i haven't seen a public lynching in a while" i will completely understand if you do not want to come into a situation like this, but of course i would love to see you all there.....but i will hold no hard feelings if you feel like you can't do it.

Theme for the party due to much stress has been put i decided to have a "come however you bloody want' party..... fancy dress......dressed to the nines....however...

hope to see some of you Saturday


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*hugs you a lot*
That doesn't bother me, I'm used to crappy stuff and annoying arseholes. I'm not sure whether I'll make it, as [ profile] nakedfaery is planning to come see me this weekend and I don't know if she'll want to come too or not. Will let you know on the day, I think.

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Would be good to see you too! You're coming to my new house on Sun week right? :)

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*huuug* To be delivered in person at the weekend.

I probably won't do the steampunk thing, but I'm damned if I'm missing an excuse to wear a corset.

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Christ on a crutch - that's appalling. Well done you lot, for taking the right actions all the way through. Wish I could be supportive and come to the party, but have one for me, k? I'll try and remember to raise a pint to you myself on Saturday night.

Meks me wanna bring da panfa, RAWR!

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we will be there carol may be shatered lump in the corner after her training course but i'll be all happy bouncy at people.
my sister went through something similar a couple of years ago. with her second husband
so i can relate and add. more hugs for all involved.

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Happy birthday! I haven't seen you in a while despite you living much closer than the majority of my friends, but I'll be at Alpha Omega on Friday and Slimes on Saturday so I wouldn't be able to make the party. :(

Sounds like you've been having some asshole issues. Tbh I've found the police to be completely ineffectual in these circumstances and the only thing that seems to deter pyschos is the threat of physical violence. Unfortunately sometimes 'might is right' - let him get beaten up or let him know someone/several someones who could do is willing to should things come to that and that should have the desired effect.

In any case, enjoy life regardless of it all and if you and the Luton Massive ever want to run an rpg let me know!

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Hey sorry we cant make it but we have people already comeing over for mini soiree thingy. Arranged ages ago otherwise would cancel and come to you.

Is there anything Rob and I can do? Do you all want to come visit bedford one day for chill out and a break?

In Bedford there is new guidance on Domestic Violence that the police have signed up to I will check to see if Luton have also signed up to it as it may help you all move forward with this

Loads of hugs

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holy crap! Just get internet back so getting caught up..did get Dawns' text last night though.

Well not a lot I can say except i know his behavour and even this is more than I imagined he would go like!

Anyways I wish I could be down there with you all rather than stuck up here..welcome to phone me anytime but sounds like you have lots of support anyways.